All in one


"All in one" means it's just me. That's a good thing.

Advantages Clean and simple is good.

When it's just me there's no one else to point the finger at. You talk directly with the person doing the work. That's efficient (and cost effective). No opportunity for communication problems and nothing lost in translation.

Disadvantages Two heads are better than one.

Big jobs can require more than one perspective and pair of hands. I get that. But I can work with your team or assemble one for you. I know excellent CDs, writers and developers who are also clients of mine.

In Summary Simple. Honest. Direct.

Good, quality, work — Always delivered on time and within budget. Direct access to the person doing the work (any time of day). What could be better. Work for free? I've done that too. (it's true).

Branding Identity. Packaging. Advertising.

Branding is almost an overused term today. I know the brand is more than just a name, logotype or color. The brand is "everything". It's the promise. I can't help you keep that promise, but I can help you deliver that promise — no matter how you get it to your customers.

Graphics Visual Communication

Pretty stuff is okay. Edgy work is fine. But neither is acceptable when it's not relevant. Graphics are an important part of visually communicating to your audience. But if they're not relevant to your message — well, that's not good. A little extra thought goes a long way to creating effective graphics and design.

The Internet Websites. Ads. Email.

I write HTML, CSS, some JS and a little PHP. As a front-end developer that's not such a big deal, but for a graphic designer that's unique. With goals of Responsiveness, Accessibility and Performance, this ever changing field requires a willingness to adapt and an eye for visual integrity.