About Me

Kevin Cea Graphic Design

As an AD and CD at regional agencies, graphic design firms and a global interactive firm, I developed a unique and broad experience base. Involved in every facet of the creation of online and offline advertising, website design, print and digital graphics, graphics animation and marketing across all digital platforms.

My technical ability and work is always tempered with an eye towards aesthetics and effective communication. Like the work I deliver, I keep things simple, honest and direct. Good, quality, work — Always delivered on time and within budget.


Identity. Packaging. Advertising.
More than just a name, logotype or color. The brand is "everything". It's the promise. I can't help you keep that promise, but I can help you deliver that promise — no matter how you get it to your customers.


Visual Communication.
Graphics are an important part of visually communicating to your audience. But if they're not relevant to your message — well, that's not good. A little extra thought goes a long way to creating effective graphics and design.

The Internet

Websites. Online Ads. Email Marketing.
I write HTML, CSS, some JS and a little PHP and for a graphic designer that's unique. The mandates of Responsiveness, Accessibility and Performance require a willingness to adapt and an eye for visual integrity.