The Truth book was a self-promo piece for TTW (small agency in High Point). The concept centered around the notion of “truth in advertising.” Here is some text from the book.

Advertising is not a science. There are no theorems, no formulas, no templates. We start with a blank canvas and begin searching for the truth. The size of our effort has to be dedicated to the idea, not to the size of your company. Once we hit a solution, the tricky part starts. Persuading you to get on board. It’s not easy. Sometimes the truth is hard to handle. Personality, opinion, emotion and even fear are so often part of the mix. So is compromise. But we get it done together. Together we’ll find the truth.

Honest: It’s never easy. It’s easier to say what you know they want to hear. Anyone can package the truth and many do. On the other hand, candor gets to the heart of things and eliminates blind alleys and incessant discussion. But you and I don’t have days or Even Hours to waste. We have to think on our feet, keep moving and get things done. When a relationship is built on trust, the honest exchange of ideas takes flight.

"You’ve got to be honest; if you can fake that, you’ve got it made." George Burns